Dr. Ashok S MDS

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

The captain of the crew is a specialist in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. Having completed his undergraduate and post graduate degrees form Govt. Dental College, Trivandrum Dr Ashok presently serves as Associate Professor at Amrita School of Dentistry (AIMS), Kochi. He has undertaken additional training programs in allied branches of Dentistry including Implantology. An ever enthusiastic and approachable person, the department of cosmetic dentistry and smile designing remains safe in his hands. His expertise and experience for the past fifteen years in the field of dentistry remains the backbone of the smooth and efficient functioning of the system.


Dr. Arun Sadashivan MDS


The department of Periodontics is headed by Dr Arun Sadashivan, Professor, Department of Periodontics , Sree Mookambika Dental College. A senior clinician and an active academician, his experience in the field of Periodontics makes gum treatments like periodontal flap surgeries, gingivectomy, crown lengthening, frenectomy a part of our routine treatment procedures. Healthy gums thus form the strong foundation on which the orthodontic correction and smile make overs are based as a part of our treatment planning.


Dr. Sandeep Mathew MDS


Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is a department that is operating on a regular basis with hundreds of satisfied patients for the past many years. Dr Sandeep Mathew MDS , an ex student of Government Dental college has exceptional academic records and leads the department of Orthodontics at Bluesprings. The routine treatment procedures range from mild malalignment correction to complicated growth modification procedures. The most recent treatment protocols like invisalign and clear orthodontic brackets include our areas of interest.


Dr. Reshmi J MDS

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

An exclusive and regular Pediatric Dentisrty department functions at Bluesprings Dental Clinic and is headed by Dr Reshmi J MDS , an alumnus of Government Dental College, Calicut. Empathetic and child friendly management and atmosphere makes the Pedodontic clinic, one of the most sought after one in the city. Comprehensive treatment planning based primarily on prevention and interception is the hallmark of our Pediatric dental care team.


Dr. Sulphi Abdul Basheer MDS

Oral & Maxiilofacial Surgery

Dr Sulphi, heads the department of oral and maxiilofacial surgery and is concerned with the surgical removal of abnormally positioned or impacted teeth especially wisdom molars. A seasoned and skilled surgeon, Dr Sulphi’s service makes the operative and postoperative surgical experience uneventful and comfortable for the patient. Interdisciplinary surgical approaches like endodontic periapical surgeries and orthodontic tooth exposures are regularly carried out in the department

Dr. Jesna Abraham, the resident dentist along with our auxillary staff Mrs Mini Alex and Mrs Remya, takes care of the out patient department during the working hours

Dr. Jesna Abraham BDS

Resident Dentist

Mrs Mini Alex


Mrs Remya